Beauty Treatment Salon Potters Bar, Hertfordshire

Clinical Treatments

CryoPen Treatment

CryoPen is an advanced cryotherapy innovation that is fast, effective, safe and new solution for removal of skin imperfections.

3D Lipo Treatment

3D-lipo is probably one of the most advanced treatments of its type in the fight against targeted fat reduction, cellulite and skin tightening.

Micro-Skin-Needling (EDS)

EDS Rejuvenate treatment is an electronic, micro-skin-needling procedure that stimulates your skin to naturally generate and repair itself. As part of this stimulation new collagen is formed resulting in smoother, Younger, Brighter skin.

Skin Peel

G&T Peel: Brighten Peel a great way to kick-start the skin’s natural processes to help regenerate it, revealing brighter, fresher skin with no down time.